Becoming a Life Group Leader

What are Central's requirements for leading a Life Group?

The core is to love God and want to help people move forward in their faith. Then there are five basic steps...

Detailed Requirements: The Step-by-Step Guide to the Life Group Leader process.

Following are the detailed steps in becoming a Life Group Leader. Please note that this is a standard Central Christian Church process that all Life Group Leaders complete to establish a common ground of leadership and expectations for our life groups. 

Step 1: Servant Minister Application

(If you have not already done so.)

The servant Minister Application is required for all people who are interested in serving at Central Christian Church. Other requirements may be necessary when working within specific ministries, for example working in students or children’s you would also need additional training. A servant minister application is not required if the prospective leader has already filled one out within the past two years. Please note that one application per family member must be filled out, joint applications will not be accepted.

Click here: Servant Minister Application

Click here: Mandated Reporting Training

Step 2: Life Group Leader Application

A life group leader application is required along with a completed servant minister application. This is different than the Servant Minister application as it asks faith-focused questions to ensure that all of our leaders are equipped and grounded in their faith. Please note that one application per family member must be filled out, joint applications will not be accepted.

Click here: Life Group Leader Application

Step 3: Interview with a Life Group Pastor or Campus Pastor

Each Life Group Leader will have a brief meeting with the Campus Pastor or Life Group Pastor in order for the leader to get to know them. This helps the campus pastors to keep their pulse on their campus’ life groups and allows you a leader to be encouraged by them.

Step 4: Life Group Leader Training

Once your campus pastor interview has been completed, we will be in touch to schedule you for your official Life Group Leader training which most times takes place during a weekend service at the campus you attend. At the end of the training, you will be asked to fill out a confidentiality form as well as a Life Group Leader Covenant.

If you have questions about this process, or, if you need assistance with any of these steps, please contact your campus Life Group Pastor or call 480-924-4946.