Mesa Moms

MOMS provide opportunities for us to walk in this thing called motherhood, together. We have a lot of surprises for you, wise speakers, unique crafts, and of course, much needed MOM time. Throughout the month we meet off-campus for monthly play dates and well-deserved Mom's Night Outs. 

momspng This semester we will be studying the book Successful Moms of the Bible by Katara Patton. For contemporary moms, parenting has challenges that sometimes feel unfathomable. But it turns out that successful moms don't need to master the latest parenting trends, because the best parenting advice has already been written-it's in the Bible. Wondering how to help your kid who's being bullied on social media? Patton shares Jochebed's story (Moses' mom) with insights that illustrate what moms have to do to protect kids. How do you use the "village" to help raise children? Sarah knew. And her Biblical wisdom is applied to parenting today. Patton shows how Mary, Elizabeth, Ruth and others lead the way to successful 21st century mothering, and she shares digestible lessons busy moms can use in their own homes.

Tuesdays, 9-11 AM in the Outback

Start Date: August 15

End Date: November 14



For more information email Melissa Sotelo at