The UPTeam is a team of believers who are committed to praying for the needs of our staff and global workers. 

Each team member prays one specific hour a week always on the same day and time from wherever they are on that day and at that time.  So for example my day is Tuesday's at 10:00 a.m.   Where ever I am in the world... I do my best to pause and spend my hour praying over the UPTeam requests.

The requests come in the form of an UPTeam book, which will be  emailed to you at the first of each month; as these are updated monthly.

You can join the team by looking below at the hour long slots that are open and selecting a time.  Then contact Brittany Walker at Brittany.walker@centralaz.com with the time that will work best for you.  She will confirm your hour and help you get started. 

This is a great ministry so join in today.


  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1 a.m Tom Clark   Robert Steele Chinyelu Chikwelu Susan Cooper  Andy Moore Bobby Church-Peck 
2 a.m. Timothy Oglesby  David Wheeler  Cathy Warner      Dewey Wong  Joe Stockfisch
3 a.m  Brittany Blasko Wanda Hall Dean VanKirk Doug Kallestad Jeff Thomas   Lisa Langley
4 a.m Patti Patterson Wayne Birschbach   Tim Schalk Leslie Kuest Charles Watson Jerry Mattson
5 a.m Dean Kuest Paul Forsythe Steve Gobbell Peggy Stimson Ernie Johnson Dan Montgomery Doug Hood
6 a.m Jake Embleton Barb Hartman Bill Snow Judy Tiffan Jim Corley Ruth Liles Carol Matthews Linda Carrillo
7 a.m Diane Celaya Tony Vehon Paul Carpenter Miriam Jesen Melba Peterson Sandara Perdew   Paul Becklund
8 a.m Janice Marshall Yvonne DuPont Amy Woodward Cal Jernigan Shelby Romero Cyndi Pierce Bruce Jessup
9 a.m Joan Perduyn Lynne Lambert Paul Marshall Nisha Wade  Dave Briggs Teri Boyd Barb Cline
10 a.m Jo Wyatt Mike DeRocheir Paul Covert Gayle Mylek John Clayborn Gerry Bergen Reed Humes
11am Shawntell Roberts Linda Rowell Corey Bullock Phil James Steve Hutchins Ken Perduyn  
12pm Tom Eaton Matt Nutter Tyra Banks Lori Hughes Sherry Lang Jim Wright Greg Slater
1 p.m.
Gayleen Gronvold Mary Laverdure Trish Ferguson Mary Jane Miller Don Maas Richard & Joy Dearhamer
2 p.m. Suhail Ghubril Don White Joyce Gibs Chip Stauffer Steve Bostic Tara Cranston Barb Owens 
3 p.m. Mark Merold Nancy Goetz Ann Covert Poinciena Valle Kim Furguson Ron Adams Linda Cockrell
4 p.m. Kim Kemper Fred Corban  Sheila Hood Donna Higgins Linda Fedeorick Michele Foti Elizabeth McIntire David Waeschle
5 p.m. Lourdes Carreras  Jo Setter John Harrison Mae Moore Dani Protz Thom Vehon  
6 p.m. Tom Kopp Cathern Broady Bill Hardenburg Scott Jones Richard Nichol Bernie Shark Bill Chapman
7 p.m. Pauline Garthwaite Patty Narducci Kristi Gifford Mark Palich   Don Wyatt Tiarra Carrell
8 p.m. Brad Tennison Ryan Seckman Tony Narducci Chris Gaynett Edyi Nickola Elaine Timer
9 p.m.  Jill Garrison Jeff Allred Grace Fischer Patti Patterson Mike Fleming Rick Wardrip Ruth Grahm
10pm Beth Marchen Ana Koberna Karen Taylor Natalie Harbecke Norm Hulcher Vivianne Campbell Brian Burns
11 p.m. Ernie Torres Jim Peters Margie Pennington Don Walker Audrey Schoonamaker Marty Speckman Mark Hollenbach
12 a.m. Mike DeRochier Susan Morelli Lawren Raber Stacy Burns   Chari Dela Cruz Susan Gentry