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In this seven week study you’ll discover Jesus’ posture on justice. Here’s a hint… it has a lot to do with grace. Even more, you’ll discover what it means to walk with those Jesus walks with, to love those whom Jesus loves, to share a table and a meal with those Jesus eats with, and your role in His plan to love the oppressed, the vulnerable and the marginalized.

Workbook $15 

Optional PDF Workbook Download: $5 

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We hope you had a great time getting to know other women at the Queen Creek campus at our Mix and Mingle event. Stay tuned we are busy planning another event for your chance to meet new friends and build community.  


Get ready for the Christmas season by making decorative Wooden Christmas Blocks, and bring some holiday cheer to your home. Join us Friday, December 6th at 6:30 PM in the Queen Creek Student Room. There will be food, fun, and laughter! Get more information and register here


Join other women from around the valley to hike various trails, all levels of experience welcomed. If you would like reminder emails or hike information, please contact Donna Willey at HikerChicks@CentralAZ.com.

2019 Upcoming Adventures:

November 23 - Peralta Trail 

December 14 - TBD 


Central MOMS is a place where you can connect with friends and make new ones, a place to relax and breathe, an atmosphere to grow as mothers and in our faith. Central MOMs Events are opportunities for us to walk in this thing called motherhood, together. As busy moms with overwhelmed schedules and responsibilities, we can often feel far from thriving! Join us as we learn practical steps towards giving God our best and thriving in our daily lives! Come to our MOMs events filled with yummy food, crafts, play dates, MOM's Night Outs and of course, much needed MOM time! During our MOMs events, child care is available through Event Childcare. For more information, click here.