Youth Referee

Central Sports organizes both Basketball and Soccer leagues for kids 4 years old through grade 8. Our program is influenced by the quality of its referees. We have a team of people committed to pouring into our Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and Referees to help them with any aspect of the season. The Children's Sports Leadership Team is committed to making Central Sports all it can be and we need you! 

You do not have to be a member of Central Christian Church to referee in our league. We are looking for responsible officials to keep the games moving and the players safe. Central Sports will provide rules of the game to ensure good sportsmanship among coaches, players, and spectators. The members of the Central Sports Leadership Team will always be present on the field/court and will have the final word on any disputes. We use referees for 3rd through 8th grade divisions during regular season and for all divisions during tournaments.

If interested in this opportunity to referee in one of our sports programs we ask that you go through a referee class. Upon completion of this class you will be able to referee for Central Sports. We currently compensate our referees on a per game basis. You must be a minimum of 15 years old and approved by the Central Sports Leadership Team.

  • For Soccer, we are teaming up with the Arizona State Referee Administration for classes. 
  • Go to for dates and locations around the valley that fit your schedule.
  • For Basketball, contact us at

Our Sports Season

  • Fall Soccer: September - November, Practice starts Sept
  • Winter Soccer: January - March, Practice starts Jan
  • Soccer Tournament in March
  • Basketball: March - May, Practice starts March
  • Basketball Tournament in May

 If you have additional questions or would like more information, please contact