Soul Care

Are you currently experiencing a hard time in your life and looking for someone to walk with you through these difficulties of life? Soul Care is designed to provide a Soul Care Advisor to walk with you through times of struggle, sadness and uncertainty. He or she is not a trained counselor, but someone who is trained to provide the opportunity for growth and healing.

Who is a Soul Care Advisor?

  • A confidant able to administer appropriate care
  • A trained Servant Minister who can meet with you on a short term basis
  • A Christian able to empathize with the heart of Christ
  • A friend able to help create and maintain boundaries

To get connected to a Soul Care Advisor, please complete a Soul Care Intake Form:

Mesa Campus  Gilbert Campus 


Are you interested in becoming a Soul Care Advisor? Complete these 3 steps:

  1. Complete a Servant Minister Application
  2. Complete the Mandated Reporting Training
  3. Contact Keri Kloepping at (480) 220-0470 or at  

Counseling Needs

For a list of Christian counselors, click the box below.

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