Jesus & Baptism

Who Is Jesus?

Hindus believe Jesus to be one of the 330 million gods. Buddhism acknowledges Jesus as a great moral teacher. Islam holds Jesus to be a great prophet. History, as well as world religions, recognizes the existence of a man named Jesus. This man led a movement, performed mighty works, offered incredible teaching, made audacious claims that ultimately led to his death on a cross, and radically changed the world forever. The Bible tells us that He is the only path to God, and it is His sacrifice opens the door to grace so that any who believe in Him will be forgiven of their sins.

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What is Baptism?

We believe that baptism by immersion is an important step of obedience after making a commitment to Christ by identifying with Christ’s death and resurrection as we spiritually die to our old selves and pick up our cross daily to demonstrate a heart-felt commitment to Christ.

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