Women's Online Study

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Matthew 5:3-12 is the beginning of Jesus’ longest recorded sermon known as the Sermon on the Mount. In it, He reveals what the kingdom looks like. It is an upside down kingdom, where the least becomes the greatest and the King lowers Himself down to serve. It's not a list of do’s and don’ts; it's a list of blessings that come when we strive to live like Christ.

Join Central Women this summer for an online Bible Study! In this 9-week study, we will discover the blessings behind Jesus’ teachings on the Beatitudes and learn how they apply to our lives today.

Study Starts: June 5

Study Ends: July 31

Optional Workbook: $10

How does the online study work? 

Summer is a busy time for everyone. Schedules change, vacations happen, kids are home from school, etc...we get it! With this study, you will be able to stay connected and study the Bible with many other women of Central from anywhere at anytime! We invite you to sign-up, invite some friends to do this with you, and meet with them weekly to discuss what you are learning.